6 advantages of a steel gutter system you need to know

What properties should a steel gutter system have? We present the 6 most important ones.

Easy assembly

The KROP Steel system has been designed with attention to every detail. Easy installation is ensured by a special fastening clip, which significantly reduces assembly time and stabilizes all elements, even during strong gusts of wind. The KROP gutter system is very intuitive and basic tools are enough to assemble it.


The highest quality raw materials compensate for even high dynamic and mechanical loads. Steel gutters retain their properties and durability even during heavy rainfall, snow accumulation, or strong gusts of wind. Additional safety measures in the form of a special fastening clip ensure the strength of the entire system.


KROP gutter systems are resistant to extreme temperatures and retain their properties in all conditions. In addition, the raw material is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and damage caused by severe weather conditions.


Steel is resistant to tension and external influences (stress, elongation). This means that the entire gutter system is protected from unwanted deformations caused, among other things, by difficult weather conditions or ongoing renovations around the house.


The KROP steel gutter system is suitable for all types of roofs. The durable material will pay off in all conditions, regardless of the region, architectural style, or building facade. Thanks to a wide range of colors and aesthetic values ​​and characteristics, the product meets the highest expectations of customers.

Long term guarantee

The warranty card confirms the highest quality of products and services related to professional consultation, production, and transportation of the entire system, based on many years of experience in the roofing market and consultation with roofers already at the production level.

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