All you need to know about pomelo fruit

Pomelo has a green grainy exterior which gives a sense of freshness and while you cut it, it has a beautiful orangey-pinkish color which makes it very appealing. Pomelo fruit originates from south Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. It can date back to 17th century and it comes within the Rutaceae family. It is a citrus fruit and is found in sub-tropical or tropical regions. Many people mistake pomelo fruit with grapefruit. They both do bear similarities but have vast differences in their nature. Pomelo fruit is a all natural non-hybrid fruit which means it is found in its original form and is not created by biochemical engineering. However, grapefruit is not natural and a hybrid fruit and gets its qualities from pomelo fruit which can be reason for their similarities.

Different treatments with fruits

Pomelo fruit tree is not very tall in height and has an average or you can say medium height tree of approx. 60cm. Besides Malaysia and Indonesia, pomelo fruit can also be found in the states of Hawaii, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Not just the pomelo fruit is found to be beneficial but also does its flower and leaves. Its flower is white and have fie beautiful petals, their fragrance is very unique and distinct. The residue or extracts from the flower and leaves are used in making many different medicines and organic oil. They are popularly used in the field of Ayurveda and are known to be successful in treating hemorrhages, cough and fever.

Richness of vitamin C, dietary fibers, iron, minerals, potassium all of these elements are found in abundance within pomelo fruit which makes it very advantageous for a human body. Many doctors and nutritionists make it mandatory for the patients with chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disorders to make pomelo fruit an important part of their diet. Pomelo fruit drink or juice is found to be very much liked by people in summer to get that boost in energy and freshness.

Benefits of pomelo

Pomelo fruit is packed with calcium, iron, potassium and is very low in calories like dragon fruit. It is really beneficial for your immune system. It improves the functioning of iron absorption in the body. It also nurtures the normal and health growth of blood cells, body tissues etc. cardiac muscle activity can be improved by pomelo fruit, as it helps in the growth of good HDL cholesterol level and lowers the level of bad HDL cholesterol. It helps in healthier life style with fewer to none instances of heart diseases like strokes. It can help people in treating constipation issues by making the digestive system and it’s functioning better. Also, pomelo fruit can help remove the toxins from digestive system. It can be very helpful for women during their periods as it helps healing the cramp pain. It also can bring the healing of wounds, pain, aches faster. You can also obtain anti-aging benefits from the goodness of pomelo fruit.