Off Plan Property in Dubai

Off plan property in Dubai has indeed experienced a major upsurge in the last few years. In addition to the numerous real estate developments here in Dubai, there are also numerous projects either under construction or already in place such as the Palm Islands and the Palm Jumeira, which are being marketed as luxury beachfront properties. Off plan property in Dubai therefore represents the largest sector of the real estate industry here. This article looks at some of the various types of off plan properties available for sale in Dubai.

The Palm Islands: The Palm Islands is one of the biggest selling projects for off plan properties in Dubai. A number of high-end hotels, villas, mansions, and other projects have come up here in this part of Dubai. They offer great ocean views, easy access to the city, as well as easy transport links to all major cities across the world. The Palm Islands project promises to completely change the face of real estate here in Dubai. But it is not the only project here; many other projects are also underway across several different areas of the city.

The Palm Jumeira: The Palm Jumeira project encompasses an area of more than 5000 acres and is one of the largest developments in the Palm Islands. This project is being developed by the Dubai Tourism and Investment Company (DTA). The primary aim of the project is to provide luxurious beach front properties to mainly the foreign workforce working in Dubai. These properties offer excellent water and food facilities and many of them even have their own private beaches. The off-plan properties in the Palm Islands are located along the Bur Dhabi river and connect with Dubai via the Silver Link road.

The Palm Jumeira Off Plan Property: Many of the projects like the Palm Islands and the Palm Jumeira offer spectacular views of the Arabian Desert. The best thing about these properties is that they are provided off plan. So you do not need to go through the hassles of getting an Port de la Mer apartments Dubai. The developers of the project aim at providing something unique for the investors. Although the cost of these properties is a bit higher than what can be afforded by first time buyers, the returns can definitely reassure any investor.

The Palm Jumeira is just one of the few projects of its kind here in Dubai. The developers offer luxury villas and high-rise towers along with numerous apartments here. They also offer apartments with all the basic amenities like internet broadband and other services. Most of the buildings in the development have been designed using state of the art technology by some of the world’s best architects. So not only can you enjoy spectacular views of the desert here, but also have a place to stay in comfort and style.

The Project Hope: Another of the luxurious villas and apartments off plan in Dubai is the Project Hope. Off plan as the name suggests, this is a project that is in pre-development. However, already the developers have started construction on the project and progress is showing great promise. The developers have already made some of the most innovative designs ever in off plan properties. They offer luxury villas that will surely please any discerning customer.

The Project Opera: Just like the name suggests, the Project Opera is a musical off plan property that was recently built by Hyper Dhabi. It is being built off the coast of Abu Dhabi. If you are one of those discerning people who want to live in a palace off the coast of Dubai, then this is the perfect real estate investment for you.

The Project Vista: Also another one of the luxurious villas and apartments in Dubai, Project Vista is located in the heart of the city. It is being developed by a very renowned real estate development company from Italy. The project is also being handled by some of the most talented architects and interior designers here in Dubai. It will surely be a hit in the real estate market in Dubai. Another good thing about the project is that it also includes a casino extension and hotel projects, which will surely please many people.