Soccer Kicks Back

Soccer must be one of the oldest sports ever played by humans. It’s easy to imagine cave people kicking the old soccer ball. Maybe it was a soccer ball? A soccer coconut perhaps? This is probably the easiest form of sport play you can imagine. You kick the ball in this direction and I try to kick it that way. The ball (coconut) will go in either this or that direction. The winner is determined by whether the ball (coconut) goes in one direction or another. Although it might be easy to picture soccer being played by a group of caveman sport www spbo live score enthusiasts, the first official record of soccer was made in China 3000 years ago. Wow! That’s almost 750 World Cups if you were keeping track.

Ultimate Soccer Header

It’s also a strange sport in the sense that you can use your head to do more than strategizing. Your head can actually contact the ball. You can do this in American football or hockey. There is nothing that can deflect a slap shot to the forehead and make it a winning goal. It doesn’t hurt so much to get stitches. It’s kinda funny how soccer players are so funny. The ultimate soccer head shot was more bizarre. It was quite disturbing. It is believed that the head of a defeated Dannish prince was used by early soccer hooligans from the east of England to make the ball in medieval times. Yuck. After that match, I can only imagine how much I would spend on new soccer shoes. After a loss like that, it’s amazing soccer has survived.

Soccer Wars

Soccer, like many other games today, had its origins on the battlefield. Rival towns would play against each other with no rules and large-sized teams. It was a violent, bloody game with hundreds of people punching, kicking, and tripping to win the soccer match. It sounds a lot like today except that it is a better description of the fans than the players. If you think it is difficult to be a soccer referee, just imagine what it was like a hundred years ago. They keep fans and referees apart, at least for now. As the authorities realized that banning the sport wasn’t an option, civilized soccer fans introduced rules and order to the game. Some people disagreed, and some groups formed their own derivatives. Rugby was one.

Soccer As Civilized Play

Today, soccer is a modern sport that our children can play. It’s a far cry from the original beginnings of the game. It is possible to draw an analogy between soccer and many other forms of expression. Things can seem chaotic at first, but after a few thousand years of civility, everything can become child’s play.