The Best Practices to Follow When Responding to Reviews

The digital age made it easier for customers to share what they think. They can voice their concerns with just a few clicks. Clients may give positive or negative feedback about your company. Whatever they say about you will affect your online reputation. You should respond to them appropriately as this can help keep a good impression on your brand. An unprofessional response can ruin it. Make sure to review responses before posting to ensure that they are polished. Below are some of the best practices to follow when responding to reviews.

Read and understand the concerns

It is easy to get caught up with several reviews, so you may be tempted to browse through them quickly. However, in doing so, you might miss the real concerns of the clients who left their feedback. Responding without understanding their issues would make them feel that you are not listening to them. If you are too busy with other things that matter in your business, assign a specific person to do the job. It could also be the same person who takes care of your online marketing or managing your online reputation. This person must be properly trained to respond to reviews and know the business’s ins and outs to give the best response. By understanding the concern, you can get to the bottom of it and offer a solution. 

Acknowledge the reviews, whether negative or positive

Customers took their time to leave their comments. Show them gratitude by thanking them for their feedback, whether positive or negative. The positive reviews will boost your credibility. The negative feedback can also be helpful, as you would know the areas you need to improve on. Also, if you handle them properly, you can change the mind of the reviewers about you. Plus, people who read them will also be impressed at how well you address these concerns. Finally, taking responsibility will give you positive points because they will see that you are reliable. 

Do not argue with the reviewer

Avoid being emotional when responding to reviews. It’s normal to feel bad when you get negative comments, but arguing with the customers will only put you in a bad spot. As mentioned, acknowledge their effort in writing feedback. Let them know that you are there to listen and you will do your best to improve your service. Fighting with the customers can push them away for good. If you respond appropriately, there is still a chance that you will win them back. Also, posting negative words against the reviewers will turn off potential customers, as they will think that is how you deal with your clients. 

Continue the communication privately

Some reviewers will be happy when you respond to them, show them that you care about what they say, and tell them you will look into their concerns. However, some clients are difficult to handle. It may not be easy to appease them. You wouldn’t know how it would turn out, so after thanking them for their comments and letting them know you will take care of the issue, continue the conversation privately. Whatever happens after that, it will be away from the public eyes.

Be professional with your review responses and be personable at the same time

No matter what the situation is, stay professional. Be polite, sincere, and empathetic. Be personable, so the reviewers will feel that you are genuine. Do not just say that you will look into their concerns, but act on them. Remember, it will be easy for them to write another review and let people know that you didn’t keep your word. 

Do not underestimate the power of reviews, as they can help build your online reputation. Ensure that you follow the best practices listed above for the best result.